our experience in packaging design
sets us apart from other design agencies.

The foundation of our expertise is packaging design, and our considerable experience in the industry sets us apart from other graphic design studios. While many designers can create a label or packaging for your product, our experience and know-how will save you costly errors and delays associated with non-compliant and amateur designs. Our service is further supported by the well-established relationships we’ve forged with major suppliers and printers in the packaging production industry.

From concept to store, your product will enjoy expert care.

  • Step: 01


    It may seem elementary, but before we can start a project, there needs to be a product. Understanding your product’s form and function helps us to create a design that will complement its contours, colours and functionality. Our service includes consultation, supplier liaison and connecting you with leading suppliers for your product.

  • Step: 02


    Once we have a thorough understanding of your requirements, our team begins the concept development process based on market research of current trends, competitive brands and similar products to ensure our proposed design will outperform your competition.

  • Step: 03

    Client review

    We’ll present our concept design as close to the final product as possible, showing all shadows, highlights and reflections, and enabling all parties to visualise what the final packaged product will look like. Once the concept design is approved, the layout can be finalised.

  • Step: 04

    Design Application

    The approved concept design is applied to all packaging and label layouts and all the product information required by the product to sell itself is added to the designs. Where needed, we guide our clients to ensure their product complies with the standards of leading retailers.

  • Step: 05


    Your product looks amazing and is ready to go to print! Our service includes consultation and connecting you with reliable printing companies capable of printing your product in the finish and standard required by the design.